Stanislavski 's Techniques And Techniques Essay

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Even though I have mentioned some of Stanislavski’s techniques there is one thing about the system everyone must understand, nothing was ever set in stone, the system should be used as a process in actor training, a learning tool for the actor, and not as a rigid system to be followed by the letter. Stanislavski himself was for ever altering the system, evolving it into new techniques as he learnt more from the previous ones. Roughly five years before his own death, Stanislavski’s dissatisfaction with his earlier experiments in Emotional Memory, led him to develop a technique that would change the way emotions were triggered. This methodology supposed that emotions could be stimulated through simple physical actions, instead of memories. This was the basis of his new system. This move from ‘Emotional Memory’ to his ‘Method of Physical Actions’ was an important shift in actor training at that time. Again, this shift was met with much resistance in Russia at the MAT, and was resisted even more by acting students in the United States. Stanislavski constantly shifted his views, always trying to find more efficient ways for the actor to perform. Therefore, he was hesitant to publish his work for a long time. If he were alive today, it is most likely that he would have continued to change his views. “THE METHOD OF PHYSICAL ACTIONS” proposed that a series of physical actions arranged in sequential order would trigger the necessary emotions in an actor’s performance. These emotions

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