Stanley Yelnats 'Holes': A Book Full Of Adventure

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Holes is a book full of adventure. Holes is about the past and the way it affects the present lives. Holes is a story about Stanley Yelnats IV. He is unlucky in life. He gets accused of stealing a famous baseball player’s shoes that was donated. Stanley is given the option to go to jail or get sent off to Camp Green Lake. Camp Green Lake has no lake. It used to be a lake once but it dried up. In Camp Green Lake you dig holes 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep. Once you are done you have the rest of the day off. This book is an adventure and a mystery. I like how the past ties in with the present. It is a great story full of questions and coincidences. It is suspenseful and interesting. Not one chapter is boring. This book is easy to read and has a

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