Star Chart : Earth And Sun

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The first app that I came across was called Star Chart. It was a free iphone app that I found on the Apple App Store. This app allows you to see what kind of picture a group of stars make up. It outlines the group of stars with detailed blue and white lines which create a picture. I picked this app because it looked really interesting as well as helpful. It is very hard to see what exactly the shape of the stars is supposed to resemble, but with this app, it is very easy.
The app also offers a variety of upgrades. Each upgrade costs three dollars, and one of the coolest upgrades is called Meteor Showers, and it allows you to know where to look for shooting stars. One of the other upgrades allows you to explore dwarf planets and planetary …show more content…

The only other thing that I wish this app would do, is cover planets and stars outside of the solar system. It would be amazing to take a closer look at what other planets look like and see some of their statistics like the ones that were provided in this app. Other then these two small complaints, the app is awesome as it has a lot to offer for being a free app.
The app has provided a lot more content then I had originally expected. I was happy to discover all the additional features this app had to offer, as I thought it was only useful for seeing what kind of pictures a group of stars could form. Overall this app is great for all ages and I would recommend it to people because it has a lot of useful information as well as beautiful graphics which help you obtain a better understanding of our solar system.
The second app that I found is called Solar Walk Free. This app is also for the iphone and I also found it on the Apple App Store. This app has amazing graphics. It includes the planets in our solar system and it even includes the moons on each planet. I was really surprised and happy when I discovered the ability to view the moons, because it was a feature that was not available on the previous app.
With each planet, you can rotate and zoom in on its three dimensional figure. While observing each planet individually, you are given a new fun fact about it. These fun facts are also available for the moons of each planet. In addition to the fun facts, each planet is

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