Essay on Starbucks : Delivering Customer Service

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Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service

Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service
The elusive goal of customer satisfaction has long provided companies with endless headaches and difficult decisions. In the end, associating specific customer satisfaction metrics to company profit and loss would provide the undeniable proof needed to make changes, and then invest the required capital to address any concerns. Starbucks, not unlike the rest of the business world, has found itself in the same situation. At a basic level, the argument that more investment in customer service creates higher customer satisfaction has already been fundamentally agreed upon. However, more specifically, Starbucks must decide if a reinvestment of $40M annually in …show more content…

If the service is excellent and the customer has a memorable experience, there will be an emotional aspect that connects the customer to Starbucks. Excelling in service also benefits existing customers and deepens customer loyalty.

As a well-established coffee retailer and over 35 years of success, Starbucks is at the maturity stage in the product life cycle. It is in this stage that Starbucks needs to shift gears and focus on marketing program modifications by increasing the number of customers and customer visits (Kotler, 2009, pg. 185). While improving service will attract first-time customers and retain current ones, further marketing modifications will need to be made if it wants to continue to grow. More advertising, distribution, sales promotions, and personal selling are a few of the ways to modify the marketing program.
Starbucks Global Consumer Products Group (CPG) strives to extend the Starbucks Experience to their customers outside the retail store environment through a number of channels and products. Originally, Starbucks’ smart marketing strategy is to continue to target the young, more educated working class of ages 18-34. Starbucks has positioned its brand as cool, trendy, healthy, and the premium experience of coffee drinking. Starbucks’ strategy for expanding its retail business was to open stores in new markets, while geographically clustering stores in existing markets. When it came to selecting new retail sites, the company considered a

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