Starbucks : Innovation For Success

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Starbucks FruVe Innovation to Success
Coffee is a traditional approach to beginning a day. There is a variety of coffee flavors that can be accompanied by condiments. Starbucks, a United States, based company recognized the complexity of coffee preferences. More recently, Starbucks has expanded their products to include more than breakfast pastry and coffee. For the more sophisticated, adventurous or urbane coffee connoisseur, there are flavorful drinks that can satisfy the diverse tastes of customers. Drinking coffee has become an art form that has been defined by the customer. With this, it is necessary to examine the innovation of a the newly developed product line, FruVe, in terms of the vision, mission, values, business model, and future aspirations.
Starbucks Innovations
Starbucks opened its first store in Seattle, Washington. In the beginning, they sold coffee beans and coffee equipment. Over time, the company was sold and repositioned to sell coffee beverages. With the new innovative company, the logo was changed to the current logo that is well known. The name Starbucks was taken from the first mate of Moby Dick (Starbucks, n.d.). With the success of Starbucks, it is a prime company to use for understanding the mechanisms of success. Innovation has been one of the keys to success for Starbucks. For this reason, the design products are healthy fruit and vegetable drinks made from high-quality ingredients. The product line FruVe is a protein power drink.
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