Starbucks Marketing Mix

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Starbucks Marketing Mix

Successful organizations understand the importance of a strong marketing strategy to satisfy customers and sustain growth. Making the right decisions depends on several variables. The purpose of this paper is to describe the four elements of marketing mix and share how Starbucks has implemented an effective and powerful marketing strategy to become the world 's largest coffeehouse chain.


A marketing mix helps an organization simplify the process and help marketing managers make decisions. The marketing mix is composed of four elements: product, place, promotion, and price (also known as the four Ps). The purpose of the marketing mix is to …show more content…

Behind the products are the baristas who work behind the counters and are encouraged to know the regular customers and his or her favourite beverage. Providing legendary customer service is as important to Starbucks as the product itself.

Location is everything and Starbucks has the formula for finding ideal places that are highly visible with heavy traffic. Starbucks can be found in shopping malls, airports, grocery stores, office buildings, and stand-alone stores with drive through convenience. The company has also created an inviting atmosphere for its customers to check e-mail, read, study, or socialize. Unlike some restaurants, Starbucks wants the customer to linger on the comfortable chairs, couches, or sit at a table.

Promoting products is something Starbucks does differently from most businesses. It does not bombard the public through advertisements. Instead, Starbucks competes on the merits of its products and services in all sales and advertising. Communications with current and potential customers are truthful and accurate; everything must be substantiated and cannot disparage its competitors (Starbucks, 2010). The majority of advertising campaigns have been directed to customers who have registered to receive e-mails and other notifications.

As a part of the local community and promoting environmentally friendly practices is another important aspect of its marketing campaign for brand

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