Starbucks in Taiwan

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Starbucks In Taiwan Learn How President Starbucks Localized An International Industry President Starbucks was established in 1998 as a joint venture of Starbucks Coffee International, Uni-President and President Chain Store Corporation. In a rapid expansion, President Starbucks has opened 233 stores in Taiwan. Continuing the innovative “Starbucks Spirit” from Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, President Starbucks in Taiwan also develops its own special products and marketing strategies in line with the Taiwanese culture and market. As a result, President Starbucks survived the competitive coffee market and gained the leading position in Taiwan. While Starbucks Coffee International is cutting the number of its stores in the US,…show more content…
By combining coffee with traditional cake, President Starbucks should sell tens of thousands of boxes a year. When it comes to our consumption culture, space in a store is actually regarded as a part of the products, linked together with sales of goods, sometimes even becoming the attraction beyond the products. With the concept of “Travel with Starbucks”(a new strategy for President Starbucks), Starbucks’ logos are seen in fifteen scenic spots in Taiwan. According to the different characteristics of these scenic areas, President Starbucks built varied architectural spaces, giving consumers a unique atmosphere. For example, after two years of looking, planning and design efforts, President Starbucks completed the branch store in Jioufen, a mountain area in north Taiwan nearby some old gold mines. The Jiofen store, originally a bed and breakfast inn, has been transformed as a home-like space, including the use of tile, stone and other building materials from mining. The retail location now reflects the story and culture of Jiofen, and is a great place for visitors to enjoy the scenery and coffee. In another area, President Starbucks combines Starbucks coffee, books and lectures to create a "pleasure reading" concept store, leading the Taiwan coffee industry up to a new level. This concept store regularly commits resources to organize seminars and exhibitions,
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