Starfire's Home: A Narrative Fiction

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All was quiet in Titans Tower. The dark abyss of the night consumed the tower completely. The residents were asleep, knowing a new morning awaited them when they woke up. Everybody was in a deep slumber, wrapped comfortably in warm sheets. Everybody, except one fiery red hair who was currently curled into a ball at the entrance of the tower. Moments before fatigue won the battle of her subconscious, Starfire was worried out of her mind. As soon as Changeling stepped out that door, Starfire was left with two terrifying decisions. Follow or Wait? Each had their own consequences. For one, she knew Changeling would never let her follow him willingly, so she would have to be sneaky. That was a major challenge in itself. Changeling had a super heightened sense of hearing and smell. This meant following her green leader without being detected…show more content…
It felt like she just closed her eyes. It felt more like a blink. So imagine her surprise when the sound of the door slamming jolted her out of her slumber. Starfire snorted ungracefully as she sprang from the ground. She looked around dazed and confused, wondering what startled her. It didn't take her long before her eyes wander to her green leader. At first, there was silence as Starfire's sleepy mind process what she saw. Changeling was standing in the doorway with a grim look on his face. Puzzled by his expression, Starfire started to ask what was troubling him when her gaze wandered lower to see what was in his arms. The sight of Rachel, unconscious with dried blood on her face was enough to blow the sleep right out of Starfire. No, she was fully up and ready to murder her leader. She was in his face before he could even breathe. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?" Her furious green eyes glared into his nonchalant ones. "Get out of my face, Starfire." He calmly stated pushing past her. Starfire was ready to blow his head off when he spoke again. "I need to take her to see
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