Stars Of Destiny And Outlaws Of The Marsh

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Classical Chinese Literature

Introduction Some of China’s literature(which are Fables), are actually true! Some say that some characters are holy beings. Lots of the characters in the novels are selfish. Also, there are prophecies and philosophy included throughout the novels. Ancient China has created 3 very famous long novels that cover philosophy, fighting, and nothing but the truth. Outlaws of the Marsh The outlaws/ 108 Stars Of Destiny from the novel Outlaws of the Marsh seem to actually not be angels. According to the article Outlaws of the Marsh, “ Sagacious Lu, Stumpy Tiger Wang, and the other marsh outlaws are no angels…”. This article says they aren’t angels; which isn’t proven yet, but it could still be true. Also, “ The group was active in the Huai River region and eventually surrendered to government troops in 1119 “. As a matter of fact,yet, this is more evidence to prove …show more content…

According to the article,Liu Bei: China’s warlord who teaches good management, “ Early in the third century, China’s mighty Han empire collapsed. From the wreckage emerged three kingdoms and competing warlords with an eye to the throne”(page 1). It explicitly states that in the story, the warlords battled each other. Some people even say that even on Red Cliff (place of battle), it is still charred black and still has headless bodies from the war.Again, the same article states that there is a famous and a notable warlord,“ The government is struggling to suppress a rebellion by peasants called the Yellow Turbans.It is forced to do what it hates to do:outsource troop recruitment; and that gives an opportunist called Liu Bei his big break”. In fact, there are warlords battling for the

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