Start Something That Matters Essay

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After reading the book “Start Something that Matters” I would say that last chapter matters the most. The Final Step. Blake’s goal is to influence others to start something that matters. The book is a call to action which motivate readers to follow their heart and create a simple thing that matters in the world. It’s about how can we help and change the world, indeed. Honestly, I always wanted to own a pair of TOMS shoes before because it really looks simple, comfy, and stylish but wasn’t lucky enough to have one. The reason of that is there’s no available sizes for me or the color that I wanted wasn’t available during that time. But after reading the book and knowing the story behind the shoes, I have no reason now to have an excuse not buying a pair of TOMS shoes.

Reading the book just give the perfect timing in our social enterprise project, HapiYan Movement. Just like TOMS and the other organizations, our HapiYan Movement is also an organization that helps educate the …show more content…

I already have in my mind a specific industry that I would want to work for. But after reading this book, I also wanted to work on a company like TOMS or other organization that treat their employees well at the same time helps change the world. My dream business was never the same like Blake, it is as common as every entrepreneur’s dream and that is to earn a lot of profit. I have never thought on having two business as one. But after learning a lot from this book, discovering some of the famous business doing the same like TOMS. It starts to change my mind on building my future business that could also help benefit others. I always have the heart to help but it wasn’t like TOMS where you could feel the tears coming out from the people you help. I do not know what to feel when I’m really on that situation but one thing for sure it will change my

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