State Alcohol Board Inspector : An Inspector Calls Essay

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State Alcohol Board Inspector*
An inspector named Mary, who works for the county office of the state’s Alcohol and Beverage Commission, also serves as a volunteer at a local a local animal rescue organization. The animal rescue organization holds “a gala every year, among other events, to raise money for animal protection, adoption, and medical care. The annual gala, for which Mary is serving as the event planner, is a widely recognized and well-attended community event.”
The case of the State Alcohol Board Inspector shows how mixing position, charitable solicitation, and the slippery slope of perception can blur the line of professional ethics.This example provides a cautionary tale of public servants, administrators and using their influence implicitly. There is a potential ethical conflict of interest when Mary is attempting to save time. Is her decision to drop off invitations to a local animal shelter gala, and solicit contributions, while performing her duties as an inspector ethically wrong? Is this outside the realm of her responsibilities and obligations as an inspector? As her manager, do I have the right to be uncomfortable ethically as I witness what Mary is doing? These are some of the questions; public administrators have to be aware of in the ethical decision-making process. Granted, this is not a case of “administrative evil” that Kennedy warns about in American Public Service (Kennedy, 2011). However, this case serves to point out how ignored ethical

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