Statement Of Purpose: A Career In Physical Therapy

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I became highly aware of the need for physical therapists in the workforce at an early age. I was nine years old when I had my first experience with this issue that physical therapy still faces today. In my hometown there was one clinic in the area where I could go to seek care for an elbow injury I suffered, which resulted in an overpopulated and inefficient physical therapy setting. My time there consisted of a mixture of feelings on how the profession could utilize better resources to serve society. As I think about this now, it solidifies my vision for the profession of physical therapy to improve patient access and quality of care. We are coming to a point in time where the number of patients seeking care can potentially outnumber what can be provided for appropriately and efficiently.…show more content…
I decided to search for an experience that looked deeper into the field of physical therapy that would provide me with a unique experience other prospective students may not have. This led me to researching what the profession needed to do to provide the best care possible that would leave an individual satisfied with every visit. I found that there were numerous challenges facing the physical therapy profession but I was intrigued in how the healthcare insurance limitations, personal finances, and actual time spent with the physical therapist could all potentially alter the quality of care a patient received. For this reason, my path toward becoming a physical therapist started. I knew that as a future physical therapist my career goal will be to ensure quality of care takes priority to improve the patient’s quality of
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