Statement Of The Post Graduate Master Degree

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After the Politecnico di Milano, I decided to enroll in the Post Graduate Master Degree in Architecture at Università degli Studi di Genova.

The decision to move to other city was a natural choice: in order to be admitted to the master's degree at the Milano’s university, I had to provide a proof of knowledge of the English language with a minimum level of B2 (advance) and additional preparatory exams. Because of the English exam, I had decided to apply to another university and to be fair, my choice was inspired by the location more than by the university itself. I am so glad that this emotional choice allowed me to discover an exceptional university which brought me where I am today.

Since the beginning, I noticed a key difference …show more content…

The latter was useful because the experience to work on the master planning of the new restyling of the city of Genova gave me a further vision of the architecture.

When I worked at Renzo Piano’s UrbanLab, I was involved, for the first time, into providing a new face for the Genova’s harbor. I was extremely excited for such topic where you deal with specific features and issues of the seaside cities as Genova. On top of all this, unexpected news came out during my second year. I have been selected for the only spot available for the Erasmus programme at the Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona.
Such an amazing surprise!!

This was the cherry on top of the cake as I had just spoken with my future thesis supervisor: a Catalan professor at Università degli Studi di Genova, known at international level and with an established practice in Barcelona.

I thought that this factor could have helped me to manage in a better way my thesis; in fact, I realised it was a bad idea as my thesis supervisor was always travelling and I was extremely busy starting the adventure at the Politecnica de Catalunya.

At the end of the day, I can certainly say that the years of the master degree have been the best ones spent across the architectural education as they gave me the chance to develop as person and future architect. Moreover, on one side, relocation in a new city has challenged me to be

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