Statement of Purpose for a Career in Teaching Foreign Lanaguages

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Personal Statement

Teaching has been my personal passion ever since doing my work experience where I got the precious chance to work with teachers and see first-hand their enthusiasm for excellence no matter how unlikely the student is to succeed. Although I’m doing a degree in accounting I regularly help out children in my neighbourhood with their homework and have also observed lessons in a local high school this has further cemented my desire to become a teacher I have spoken to practicing teachers which have debunked a few prior myths I had about teaching. I did this in a local private school, I was asked to observe and assist the year 11 students as they finished their ICT coursework. It was a very stressful environment as many of the students were behind with the deadline approaching, nonetheless I felt I really connected with the students and feel I made a real difference to their final grade. Some of the teachers there pointed out to me that several of the students had done much better this year than they had done in the last and in previous years. This Vital piece of experience was one of my main reasons for wanting to teach in a secondary rather than a primary school.

I’m a native German speaker and have visited Germany after moving to England with my family for employment reasons, I can relate to secondary students learning a second language as I myself came to England at the age of 11 (2004) and learnt a new language from scratch. Apart from German I

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