Statement of Purpose for a Masters' Degree in Biomedical Computing Program

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Letter of Motivation

Dear Madam or Sir,

After spending half a decade on developing state of the art financial and medical software, I am thrilled by the prospects of taking my career forward through a distinguished master’s degree from your university. My passion for programming has taken me from an eventful bachelor’s degree in computer science, to an innovative professional career with one of the biggest conglomerate of the world. Now, my zeal for learning medicine and its association with computers brings me here to you. With this letter I wish to apply and state my motivation for admission to Biomedical Computing (BMC) program. My objective is to become an expert in the dynamic field of computer aided medical procedures and medical imaging.

I was intrigued by how programming could help me automate manual work, create utilities for everyday needs and still be so much fun. Hence, I pursued undergraduate studies in computer science and engineering. In my second semester, I presented a technical paper on minimally invasive surgery using robotics. I was excited by the prospects that the use of robotics can help patients to recover quickly with lesser operative distress. Later, I, along with three of my friends, conducted workshops on 3D animation using 3ds Max software. At that time, a typical computer science graduate from my university would work in the Indian software service industry. However, we decided to create awareness about opportunities like Pixar and

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