Statues of David in Renaissance Art

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David, the heroic underdog in the story that is “David and Goliath.” David has become some kind of patron saint of Florence for his near impossible slaying of the giant Goliath. With the help of god, David became victorious, just like with the help of God, Florence has been the center of Renaissance Art and still stood strong despite their “Goliath,” the city of Milan. It's no surprise that Florence is filled with several statues of David. Florence embodied is “David,” and elite of Florence, including the Medici Family used their wealth to pay tribute to the personification of their city. Beginning with Donatello's marble David statue commissioned in 1408. In this statue, David is standing on top of Goliath's head. One thing that sets this sculpture apart from the other four Davids in comparison is that this David is fully clothed. The statue was commissioned to be placed in the Cathedral of Florence which probably explains why he is fully clothes. Nude characters in a church are usually a baby Jesus, or Adam and Eve. “David” is not important enough to be portrayed in the nude. In addition, he's wearing a crown which translates to the observer that David is some sort of royalty. You can not find him amongst normal people. The other three sculptures don't have David wearing a crown. David's face in this sculpture remains smooth, to show how young he his. Almost in a way to remind the observer of his inexperience and vulnerability. David is one of the most famous underdogs

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