Stay At Home Fathers : A Growing Group Within The United States Essay

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Stay at home fathers represents a growing group within the United States. The definition of a stay at home father is a father who is the daily primary caregiver to his children under the age of eighteen. Nearly two million men are staying at home and being the primary caregiver for their children (Livingston pg1). The rise of stay at home fathers have become sociologically important because it represents the reversal of traditional gender roles. A gender role is a set of societal norms which dictate the types of behavior accepted for people based on their sexual orientation. Traditional norms about men are centered on the idea that men should be the primary breadwinners and women should be the ones staying home and taking care of the children. The emergence of stay at home fathers completely defies this idea. As a result to shifts in family dynamics, men’s roles as fathers have undergone transformations. This paper will further evaluate the traditional gender roles and how stay at home fathers defy societal norms, discuss the reasons for the rising trend of stay at home fathers, and show the benefits of a stay at home father.

The first reason stay at home fathers are becoming more common is due to the transformation of gender roles and more specifically breaking the breadwinner norm that men have traditionally been known for. The breadwinner notion defines a man’s identity, with a man’s work wage used to determine if they are deemed a successful father or a failing father

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