Stay at Home Fathers

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Stay at Home Dads

Traditionally families were defined by their faithfulness and conventional sex roles. The roles of men and women were structured according to the traditional family roles. It was believed that the father’s role was to work in the office the whole day as the mother stays at home to attend to house hold chores. For many years traditional marriage was the cornerstone of almost all societies, an important institution for the passing on of values and taking care of children. That was then, the present is experiencing changing roles, and fathers opt for staying at home as mothers pursue their careers.
The stereotype that men
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What involves staying at Home?
The decision for one to become a stay-at-home dad may encompass a lot than what meets the eye. A father considering remaining at home may look at many factors including his earning power as compared to that of the spouse. Work attire, commuting costs, daycare costs and other working expenses. A slight repetitive flaw is rooted along with the idea of house husbands (McKay 4). Regardless of whether the decision of men to become primary care givers is by choice or by force, the fact is that these men take on the care giver role and perform it with a sense of commitment to the well being and health of their families. However, the sad thing is that as they go about their duties, they are met with quizzical looks and criticized for taking on the role of fathers who are responsible and take good care of their children and keep their families home running smoothly. This does not mean that all stay at home parents including mothers are ideal parents, it only suggests that men also can be effective as women in taking care of their families despite the way the society views what is normal and acceptable gender role performance. According to Frank, in his book, The Involved Father, he argues that fathers are just doing what mothers have been doing all along and that is domestic house work. The only difference is that in the present day,
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