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Multitaper SVD \cite{haykin2007multitaper,rezaei2014adaptive,alghamdi2009performance,alghamdi2010local,huang2011optimal} has been studied to provide a reliable estimation of spectral interference temperature .Thus we’ve got so many benefits from Multi taper as a perfect candidate for reliable estimation as it was an output of enhanced variance for spectrum without compromising the bias. On the other hand ,SVD is a perfect tool to discover the environment interference . Haykin \cite{haykin2007multitaper} has the first initiative for using that method as he was collecting the measurements from different sensing nodes with different taper and then he collect them together in the following measurement matrix\label{eq2} } …show more content…

However, he wasn’t able to provide spatial distribution of interference and MTM coefficient. Meanwhile we obtained them from left and right singular value respectively. On the opposite side, the author in this paper \cite{rezaei2014adaptive} proposed a two modified scheme where he had provided lower computational complexity algorithm with retaining MTM-SVD functionality. the first scheme was SWASVD algorithm. The second scheme was 3D higher tensor decomposition where the author benefits from tensor higher order decomposition to compute the estimation power over all OFDM blocks at once. Therefore, the measurements which were taken from Multitaper will be arranged in 3 dimensional matrix. These measurements are applied to higher order tensor decomposition in order to take new singular value computation as the tensor core G(l,m,k). Although MTM-SVD provides a reliable level of Performance detection, however the system facing many difficulties from performance degradation in the worst environmental conditions and specific SNR . So Our motivation behind this is to use Multitaper based Cepstrum detection.} % \section{Note: Alternative statement } % \paragraph{ Although MTM-SVD provides a reliable performance detection, however it induces a higher sensing time, so our motivation behind this is to use enhanced MTM detection model based on Cepstrum estimation. } \paragraph{The objective

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