Stella And Claire : The Next Generation Of A Hallway

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Stella and Claire: Once in High School, Claire and Stella, in the middle of a hallway had to be pulled apart from one another. This wasn’t the first or last time. The school counselor trying to find some middle ground asked both if there weren’t sisters, or Galdwins, would they be friends or even talk to the other. The room become very quiet than. Iron and silk. Stella’s will and Claire’s ability to adapt, the next generation of Galdwin. Once close, Claire would found her older sister and her friend Damon everything, Claire adored her older sister, dressing like her, trying to talk like she did, read the same books and even started to learn chess just to be around her. For Stella, Claire was like a small puppy, weak and unable to defend herself with for older sister watching out for her. Time move on, and young Claire after sneaking into her father’s study where he and some close friends were watching one of the first televised MMA bouts. Claire’s world charged forever. enrolling in a small self defence class Claire was a natural, advancing in rank after ranks. Soon she would begin completing in martial tournaments and winning at the same rate if not faster than Stella with her chess tournament. With each victory Claire’s self esteem grew, no longer needing her older sister to protect her Claire was beginning to find her voice in the family. Claire become bolder, more focus in school and other activities, even flirted with modelling, all the while Stella

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