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Stem Cell Research What is a Stem Cell? Stems cells are immature cells found in embryos that can develop into any kind of specialized cells. They can form virtually any cell of the human body. These types of stem cells are known as pluripotent cells. Multipotent cells are stem cells that are more mature; they can be found in adults and children. Multipotent cells are not as flexible as pluripotent cells, as they have already developed into more specialized human cells. Benefits of Stem Cells Benefits of stem cell research can be overwhelming. Today, millions of people around the world suffer from incurable diseases. Stem cell research could help the scientific community find a breakthrough in developing a cure. By observing…show more content…
Stem cells, taken from a cloned embryo of the subject, could be used to grow organs and remedy the organ donation problem. Stem cells from a different embryo could also be used to create organs. If scientists opted to grow an organ from the subject, there would be a much lesser chance of tissue rejection. One of the current problems with organ donation is that the host body rejects the transplant tissue because it is “foreign.” If the organ came from the recipient, it would essentially not be foreign tissue. Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues While there are enormous benefits to stem cell research, many professional, legal, and ethical questions arise about stem cells. Should stem cell researchers continue their research for profit? Or should they continue their research for the benefit of society? Those motivated by personal profits will be more motivated to uncover the most about the benefits of stem cells. However, these same individuals may opt to achieve the end, whatever the means. Individuals motivated by the benefit of society may take longer to research stem cells, but they may be more careful throughout the process. Should stem cell research even be legal? Should the government fund it? Currently, stem cell research continues, but it is limited to research on existing stem cell lines. Opponents of stem cell research are fighting

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