Stem Cell Research : The Future Of Medicine Or Is It Too Immoral

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Stem Cell Research,
Will it be the Future of Medicine or is it too Immoral
Ryan Cann

Mission College

For quite some time now there has been a debate on stem cell research and whether or not the medical applications outweigh the unethical means of retrieving them. There is no easy answer to this question but it is the hope of this paper to make this murky concept a bit clearer.
Literature Review To make this subject a bit more clear there are a few things that need to be covered first. According to (National Institute of Health), stem cells are cells are cells found in younger bodies that have the ability to imprint and replenish other damaged cells by multiplying time and time again until the damaged tissue is repaired. …show more content…

The last is the “induced pluripotent”( stem cell. This type of stem cell is an adult stem cell that has been reprogrammed to be an embryotic cell like state by being influenced to show genes that are crucial to preserve the specific traits of embryonic stem cells. The next question would be what are the applications for these stem cells and what is the big deal? Well according to the applications seem to be limitless. The embryotic stem cells research can be used for all kinds of medical treatment. But the most substantial is the ability to understand the intricate phenomenon’s that happen during embryonic development. This will allow for the understanding of how undifferentiated cells become differentiated and form tissue and other structure of the human body. With this knowledge comes the ability to understand what causes genetic traits such as cancer or other imperfections during birth. This will allow for the possibility to gene influence which could lead to the elimination of these abnormalities. The adult stem cells have been being researched since the 50’s and are found all over the body. There main purpose is to regenerate other cells near it such as bone marrow, brain tissue, and other areas of the body which mean these areas can regenerate (yes brain cells grow back). The exciting part of this is that they may be able to use in transplants; these cells possess the possible ability to “transdifferentiate” ( which means

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