Stephan Curry's Childhood And Family

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Stephan Curry “If you don't fall how are you you going to know what getting up is like,” said by Stephan Curry. His biggest pet-peeve is when people sneeze without covering their nose. Stephan Curry is an amazing basketball player and interesting person. Stephan Curry had an amazing quote and true but his childhood was even more interesting. Stephan Curry had an interesting childhood and family. Stephan Curry’s real name is Wardell Stephan Curry and was born on March 18, 1988 in Akron, Ohio. Stephan Curry grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina where his dad plays for the Charlotte Hornets.His wife is Ayesha Curry and he has two daughters named Riley and Ryan Curry. Stephan Curry’s childhood was not as interesting as his basketball life. Stephan
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