Stephen King Why We Crave Horror Analysis

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As a child my mom told me about her ghost story it made me not want to think or watch scary movies. Just having the thought of knowing that something we can’t see could be watching me anywhere and everywhere gives us the chills.The fact when we think about it we crave to see horror films. Why is it that people feel normal when we watch scary movies? According to Stephen King’s “Why We Crave Horror” says that we aren’t normal and the things we feel towards movies are part of the “Human Condition” which means like to have a dark side or sadness, mad, happy etc. The fact that “ Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly”( Morticia quote). Stephen King rightly claims that us as humans crave horror to face our fears, get over the scary things, and to get the feeling of our adrenaline rush. Humans now and maybe back then do crave horror to face their fears. In Stephen King’s story “Why We Crave Horror” he says “Our emotions and our fears form their own body” (King “Why We Crave” 2). What he is stating towards us is that fear makes us a human. As therefore he also said we are mentally ill and for us to be normal we crave the need to face our fears and see horror. Why is it that we yet don’t just want to watch these horror, we make ourselves put them on? In Stephen King’s story “Why We Crave Horror” he says “We are the daring nightmare”(King “Why We Crave” 1). King is basically saying we dare ourselves to watch the horror movie because he knows and

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