Stephen Medvic 's Defense Of Politicians Essay

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Stephen Medvic in his book, “In Defense of Politicians: The Expectations Trap and Its Threat to Democracy” reflects the problems of policies that affect the majority of society’s democratic contemporary: the discrediting of the class policy. As a reaction to the continuous vilification of the politicians, the author defends the hypothesis that much of the arguments condemning the policy professionals are unfair and undeserved. Although there are example of politicians corrupt or lacking in ethics, establish generalizations is wrong and is totally unjustified. Likewise, the book highlights the danger posed by this cynicism toward the political class for the legitimacy of democracy. And is that, despite that blind obedience not is positive, the figure of the political deserves respect and is necessary for the good functioning of those societies democratic.
From these premises, Medvic structures his argument into chapters that examines the causes, manifestations, and consequences of the disrepute that affects politicians. After an argumentation of the initial question, in which will highlight them into major critical to the figure of the professional of the political, the author explains the causes of anti-politics sentiment. Therefore serves both the dimension public of the activity political as to those factors more linked with the private lives of politicians. Within these two great explanatory blocks, fixed attention on a wide range of issues as the role of institutional

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