Steps to Becoming a Critical Thinker in the Textbook, Thinking Critically, Challenging Cultural Myths

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According to the “Thinking Critically, Challenging Cultural Myths” preface to the textbook ninth edition Rereading America is written by Bedford/St. Martin’s Press, is edited by Gary Colombo, Robert Cullen, and Bonnie Lisle published in 2008. It introduces how to become a critical reader, and it challenges us to think critically. To understand well what critical thinking is, the introduction divides into different sections to comprehend how to be a critical thinker steps by steps. The author provides some tips for college students to read actively by taking notes and writing comments. In order to be a critical thinker, the author emphasize reading is significant and to read deeply approach to critical thinking. (Change) Translating …show more content…

Cultural myths affect people the way of look at the world, so it helps people to understand the way we think. In fact, the author discusses that the American dream provides to American an enormous power to success. Because the immigrants came to the “New World” since four hundred ago, they had a lot of individual opportunity to work hard and success their dream even they were in low-paying job. They believe that the culture myths can change the life they live. Also, the culture myths can aspire to struggle with difficulty, and American believes American dream is the foundation of success. However, the culture myths shape the way of being critical thinker. The power of dialogue is the key to succeed in critical thinking. It is the relationship between thinking, reading and writing, and dialogue can declaring. To be a critical thinker, student needs to be exchange their perspectives with other students because through understanding different opinion can be extending their own ideas. Thus, the author explains that the benefits of designing the reading which are making the connection with students can share their opinion in the dialogue sections. There are three categories to discuss the question when students participate in the project. “Engaging the Text” means highlighting some of the main issues, and it assists student to

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