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Customized Learning Theory Paper-Annotated Bibliography Brittani Thomas Liberty University: EDUC 500 September 22, 2015 Customized Learning Theory Paper-Annotated Bibliography Hudgins, B.B., & Riesenmy, M.R. (1994). Teaching self-direction to enhance children’s thinking in physical science. Journal of Educational Research, 88(1), 15. This article focused on the constant debate concerning the conditions in which students develop the skill of thinking critically. Being able to use critical thinking requires knowledge of facts and concepts about the subject matter. I found this article interesting because I think it is important that students develop critical thinking skills. Most scholarly articles tend to have an abstract that summarizes the papers entirety. Due to this this article is considered scholarly. Fang, Z., & Wei, Y. (2010). Improving Middle School Students’ Science Literacy through Reading Infusion. Journal of Educational Research, 103(4), 262-273 There have been few studies focusing on the impact that reading comprehension has in the science curriculum on students ' science comprehension. Random students were selected to participate in either inquiry-based science only or inquiry-based science plus reading conditions. The results showed that students that performed in an inquiry-science based plus reading significantly outperformed the inquiry-based science only students. In the state of Georgia students must pass the state

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