Stereotypes Exposed On Skin Color

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Stereotypes have existed since humans first began to roam the planet. Early Australopithecus, the first humans, most likely used stereotypes when deciding their daily task. Stereotypes such as everything are dangerous and want to kill them. Later as Homo sapiens created cities and civilianization’s stereotypes helped evaluate an incoming threat so they could close the city and gather a defense to save not only themselves but everything they worked hard to create from those who would kill them and take the city from them. But modern human’s ability to perceive threats have been clouded by stereotypes base on skin color; to a point where anyone who is different is a threat who needs to be eliminated. A proactive human whose flight or fight response is to fight will sometimes attack this perceived threat without any other information aside from the stereotype. These attacks can sometimes lead to the arrest or death of the “threat” who, in most cases, was an innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time. So while stereotypes where essential to survival in early cultures, modern use of stereotypes have turned to the extremes clouded by hatred of those who are different. In equatorial Africa a small species of human, Australopithecus, roamed the savannah. In order to survive they small bipedal species most likely based its day to day decisions such as what food to gather, and where to sleep, based on the movement and location of larger predators such as lions. They used the

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