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Stereotyping and Prejudice of Native American Mascots
Stereotypes are a natural part of evolutions attempt to survive a constantly changing world. Originally, psychologists and sociologist believed stereotypes were used to navigate the dangerous world in order to survive. Stereotypes allowed people to make quick decisions about rival or threatening groups of people, objects, and animals without having to analyze the costs and benefits of the situation. As the world has evolved, stereotypes continue to aid the human race in making decisions, good or bad, about another social group swiftly and usually unconsciously. Many of the stereotypes used today are not crucial to survival but instead are used to represent social ideas and images about another group of people. However, as useful as stereotypes were for evolution, negativity tends to be associated with the stigmas in todays society.
Though there are millions of examples of negative stereotyping, this paper will focus on the negativity associated with stereotypes concerning Native American mascots used to represent sports teams across the United States. Mascots, logos, and team chants are a powerful platform that symbolizes unity and pride. However, when that platform is used to single out and exaggerate sacred cultural rituals of minority groups through inappropriate stereotypes there are harmful social and personal consequences. To fully understand the impact Native American mascots have on the Native

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