Stereotypes Of Asian Parents

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Asian parents: the concept brings lots of assumptions and stereotypical ideas to people. Asian parents are scary. Asian parents are strict. Asian parents raise the perfect A+ children who excel in anything and everything. True but not quite true. It is easy to assume all those from the outside looking in, but if people took a chance to look closer, even generations back, they’d see the truth behind the strict upbringing of the Asian households, ran by love. Historically and even today, Asian - even Asian-American - children, have been perceived to be restricted - both socially and psychologically - and oppressed by their strict, traditional Asian moms, and even dads, thus making them puppets on a string and hard-working robots, shielded away from having to make their own mistakes or wasting their time away at nonsense past-times such as slumber parties. But the truth behind this “tiger-mom” and ridiculously strict parenting style is due to historical tradition, culture, and a parent’s love for their child and wants for them to succeed. Stereotypes exist everywhere and for all types of people. Some of them could be from a range of true to slightly true, such as americans love football. And yes, most do but it’s not to say that many do not. However, some stereotypes could be way off, such as African-Americans loving fried chicken. I’ve got an African-American friend myself and she hates fried chicken, and I , an Asian, love chicken. Lots of stereotypes stem from history, and

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