Stereotypes Of Men Stereotypes

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Men Stereotypes That Aren’t True There are countless stereotypes placed upon men that are nowhere near the truth. For example, men are supposed to be strong, messy, independent, outdoorsy, and the dominant gender. However, there are rarely any men that have these characteristics. Society has presented many stereotypes throughout countless of religions, races, and genders. And it has created an expectation for men to be something they are not. These expectations have made men carry the heavy things or be independent so they can take care of themselves. Or to say that it is okay if their room is messy because it is the norm. There are many stereotypical characteristics of men that aren’t true or apply to woman as well. Men are supposed to be the stronger gender and be able to open the lids, carry the heavy boxes, and stick up for their companion when a conflict arises. There are many superior woman that are stronger than the average male, such as Ronda Rousey who could beat up almost every guy that she sees. Men have standards that many “fail” to reach, such as lifting more than woman or holding back emotions to show they are strong. Men think that when they hold back tears when they are upset or not sharing their emotions makes them stronger, when it really doesn’t change their overall appearance of strength. In movies you can see heroic moments when there is a damsel in distress that is in need of assistance from a man. Then the man comes and fights off the criminal(s)

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