Stereotypes Of Women In The Workplace Essay

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It’s no question that women have been put under very specific stereotypes, specifically since the 1800s, women are to “stay home to take care of their children and perform household chores, while the men were the bread earners” which, over the next century, would turn out to be a hard stereotype to break (“The Evolution of Women in the Workforce”). After the Civil War, African American women had to provide for themselves and loved ones, post freedom of slavery, which would result in the joining of the workforce. Married white middle class women would soon join but it wouldn’t come to make a huge impact up until World War II: 1939, where it became vital for women to start working. The Draft of World War II was issued on September 16th, 1940 for men to leave their jobs behind, as well as their families and go on to fight for America’s freedom (The National WWII Museum). After a drastic decrease in the workforce the government then saw an opportunity for the use of women to help with the shortage of supplies and resources used during the war. Propaganda posters would come into play to encourage women to get up and join the working forces, such as Rosie the Riveter. Rosie the Riveter displays a…show more content…
United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics, states that yes unemployment rates have declined over the past decade, but 6.5% of women still are unemployed (“Bureau of Statistics”). The American Journal of Community Psychology proves in a study that women are more probable to be diagnosed with depression versus men, which can lead women to go down the wrong path and pick up bad habits. Habits such as drinking, smoking and or doing drugs which in time will only harm their depression and cause it to be more severe potentially leading them to stay unemployed and ruin all relations they have (“Depression and unemployment: Panel findings from the Epidemiologic Catchment Area
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