Stereotypes in School

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Stereotypes in school can affect student and their education. Writer, Shankar Vedantam, in his article, “ How a Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” explains the effects of stereotypes and how other races handle them. He supports his claim by explaining to the audience what a beast is, and how the answer depends on who is asking the question. He then explains how he eventually came to understand that minorities do better when they work with their own race and are not reminded of these stereotypes. Vedantam’s purpose is to inform people how these stereotypes affect people in a way that can lead them far from success. He adopts a serious and urgent tone for the audience to stop people from stereotyping others so that they can succeed. I think his finding would be very useful to test at my school. Our teacher, Mrs. Roberts gave us a sheet with questions about stereotypes. We were told to interview two people. One of the people was inside our english class. The other was a student that was either a recent graduate, or a student at Point Loma High School. Next, we inputted the data into a form which was converted into a viewable spreadsheet. We looked at all the data by gender first. The second time we viewed the data, it was grouped by ethnicity. Our class has done research into stereotypes at our school. We have interviewed 165 students. Seventy-nine percent of the people we interviewed were in the ninth grade. The rest were evenly spread between

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