Stereotyping Is Bad For Kids And People

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Journalists have conducted observations and studies have shown that people in today’s modern society are still prejudice and stereotypical on the things they view in their daily lives. (James, 2012). Psychologists say that stereotypes are nothing but racism, sexism, and prejudice all summed up together making it a whole. Stereotyping is something that an individual acts upon someone that is weaker, lower status, or minors; furthermore, stereotyping can harm another person’s self-esteem, self-control, confidence, and performance in a task (Robles, 2012). Another problem is that stereotyping is almost everywhere like the work industry, schools, and families. Stereotyping is something that needs to be stopped and the person needs to change their point of view on the world; thus, if someone stereotypes another individual then it puts a label on that individual, also it can harm the person’s emotions and cause them to be ineffective in society. Another researcher has identified how in her opinion that stereotyping is bad for kids and people. “Stereotyping is typically bad because people can judge another person’s looks, personality, and nationality; moreover, somebody can dress in all black and can be judged that they worship the devil, someone will not believe in God and people who are religious can judge that person that they are atheist or that person is not normal for praising God.” (Paul, 1998). Stereotyping is deceiving another person and labeling them with a word or

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