Steroids In Sports Essay

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For many years athletes all over the world have strived to increase their capability to succeed in a sport or sports they play. Most train hard, push their limits, dedicate their time solely on sports, others on the other hand, try to succeed with little amount of effort possible. What is being eluded to is the use of illegal steroids in sports. This is an issue all over the world in not only professional teams but also college teams or even high school teams. These steroids give athletes an advantage over all of the other athletes in the world by increasing their physical and mental capability to almost super human levels. Steroid use should remain illegal. The use of steroids doesn’t only affect the user but the people around them too. The use of steroids may cause elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, severe acne, premature balding, and reduced sexual function. ( “Five to 12 percent of male high school students have used anabolic steroids by their senior year.” ( The dangers of steroid use can even kill someone, it is important to warn people about the dangers of it. These dangers include damaged cardiovascular system, liver, and reproductive organs. A major side effect is mood swings. These mood swings are commonly known as “roid-rage”. This is an increase in a person’s anger causing outbursts and…show more content…
The steroids should be used for medical purposes and medical purposes only. The damages that come along with the use of steroids are not worth the short-term strength and agility. In the end your body will be worn down and broken. The use of these steroids ruins the point of trying in the game. The purpose of a sport is to stay fit, compete for awards, and to mainly have a fun competition, a fair one at that. Those who use these drugs show poor sportsman like conduct and demolish that adrenaline feeling from the
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