Steve Jobs Struggles

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Steve Jobs was known for wanting so badly to redesign the future of technology and computers in the future. But, with great power, comes great responsibility. Steve Jobs faced many challenges in his life. Some of the challenges he faced were not being wanted by his birth parents, struggling with Pancreatic Cancer, and getting fired from the company that he created. Jobs, however, overcame these challenges, and led the world into a new era of technology.

When Steve Jobs was born, his biological parents made the ultimate decision to put him up for adoption. Steve's Biological parents were willing to let Paul and Clara Jobs adopt their son under one condition: that both parents were college graduates and that Steve would go to and graduate from college. The parents later found out that Paul and Clara jobs were both not educated. This held the adoption process up, and left Steve longing for a lasting family.

When the adoption process was over, Jobs' parents decided to enroll him in schooling. All thorough out his childhood, Steve Jobs was an explorer of different mechanics, electronics and other accomplishments. However the path he was heading down was not one that he wanted to stay on.

Steve Jobs was enrolled at Reeds College for one
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With multiple medical leaves from Apple, Pancreatic Cancer ultimately led him to his downfall. In October of 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Doctors recommended that Jobs needed to stay away from Apple for at least nine months. Jobs declined and continued to work at Apple. Harvard Researcher Ramzi Amri said that due to this decision made by Jobs, this ultimately led to his early and untimely death. Jobs continued to speak at keynotes and WWDCs between 2003 and 2009. in 2009, Jobs went underwent a liver transplant which doctors described his prognosis as "excellent". This was the last time that Jobs would attend a keynote session for
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