Steve Jobs Free Enterprise System

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Steve Jobs as young man, was adopted and found his interest in technology with his father. Nonetheless, with his profound interest in technology he eventually met his future business partner, Steve Wozniak and created the first apple computer in his very own garage. In a free enterprise system, Steve Jobs was given the ability to be able to conduct his own technological advances and co-found a multi-billionaire business. With the creation of a company like Apple, room for innovation and renovation was always possible. The free enterprise system allowed room for great financial success and greatly appealed to consumer demand needs or wants. Their very first launch of the first PC and Ipod MP3 Music Player grasped the attention quickly in the consumer demand market. His technology skyrocketed as he innovated goods that were advances for the people in their daily lives. Apple was greatly set up with their great alliances in the enterprise industry with companies such as: IBM, Cisco, SAP, JAMF, etc. Apple also includes OS (operating …show more content…

However, I think the manufacturer, or entrepreneur has the job of finding its idea to appeal to common ethics of the people or emotions in order to sway purchases. With the motive of appealing to the public to arouse public consumers and providing the best quality goods to the people, your business would end up far more successful. At least for consumer demand purposes. In conclusion, a free enterprise system has its pros and cons for various groups of individuals but in this case for a very intelligent entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, it allows great success. The system helped turn his and Steve Wozniak's idea into reality and into a very financially successful corporation in the technology

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