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Steve Siro "Steve" Vai A descendant of Italian immigrants was born in Carle Place, New York on June 6, 1960. He was voted the 10th "Greatest Guitarist" by Guitar World magazine and has sold over fifteen million records worldwide. He stands a whopping six foot two with silky long black hair a dark rocker attire and signature sunglasses. On March 3rd, Vai staged the world’s largest online guitar lesson for the online campus of the Berklee College of Music, virtually instructing 4,455 students in the first fifteen minutes. He is a three-time Grammy Award Winner and Fifteen-time nominee.

He described his first experiences with music as, "at the age of five I walked up to a piano, hit a note, and noticed that to the right the notes go higher and to the left the notes …show more content…

The Universe incorporated many of the aspects that made the JEM a unique instrument (24 frets, full floating tremolo, unique pickup configuration, angled input jack, and deeper body cutaway), with an added low 'B' string, allowing for new low-range sonic possibilities. Used by Vai on much of Passion and Warfare and all of Whitesnake's Slip of the Tongue, the Universe was a large stepping stone for the burgeoning Nu-metal genre (with bands such as Korn having adopted the instrument and incorporating it into their signature sound).

He released his first solo album Flex-Able in 1984, while his most successful release, Passion, and Warfare (1990), was described as "the richest and best hard rock guitar virtuoso album of the '80s." From his unique guitar skills to the first note he played on the piano. The equipment he invented to the additions that made modern guitars so great right down to the styles he developed. A natural musician from birth, Steve Vai is a name to be remembered. He is now happily married with two children. A legacy he has paved a modern rock star from the day he was

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