Steven Avery 's Criminal Life

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Steven Avery’s Criminal Life
Steven Avery was a dangerous criminal since he was 18. He committed many horrific crimes in the 1980’s to 2007 until he was sentenced life in prison, with no chance of parole. Steven Avery, committed many disturbing crimes that lead him to be a murderer in Wisconsin through the following; two counts of burglary, cruelty to animals by dousing a cat with gasoline and throwing it into a fire, endangering safety with an felony gun possession and being arrested for sexually assaulting Penny Beerntsen, which was proven 18 years later that Avery didn’t commit, through DNA proof. This is proof that Avery was a dangerous criminal from the beginning and can be proven further through a couple different theories such as the biological theory, the psychological theory, and the conflict theory. Those theories can explain why he committed the crime, the behavior involved with the crime(s) and furthermore the people targeted through his criminal career.
Firstly, it’s crucial to go into background depth with the crimes that Steven Avery committed to understand that he’s a dangerous criminal. In general, he seemed to have issues with women, which is seen throughout his criminal background at a couple times in his life. Avery, also showed a pattern of wanting to burn things, after he got done playing with something or someone. Avery’s criminal career began when he was a young adult, around age 18 in the year 1981. His first crime was two counts of

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