Steven Levitt And The Link Between Legalized And Crime Rates

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Steven Levitt was born May 29th, 1967 in Chicago. Levitt is an american economist that is known best from his podcasts, and books, Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics co-authored with Stephen Dubner. Steven Levitt is also known to study some very different topics such as crime and the link between legalized abortion and crime rates. Levitt attended the University of Chicago, the Chicago school of economics, and he attended Harvard University to receive his Bachelor 's Degree and went on to MIT for his PhD in economics. In 2003 Levitt was awarded the John Bates Clark medal, an award that is given to recognize the most outstanding economists under the age of 40. Barbara Bergmann was born June 20th, 1927 in New York, and died April 5th, 2015 in Maryland. Bergmann was best known for her work and leadership in gender based economics and her role as a feminist. Bergmann studied at Cornell College to major and get her doctorate degree in mathematics. Bergmann then went on to Harvard University to earn her Ph.D. Bergmann has co-authored in many books and taught at four Universities. Bergmann also won the 2004 Carolyn Shaw Bell Award. Steven Levitt and Barbara Bergmann were both Harvard graduates and got there Ph.D. in economics. Levitt and Bergmann both received close to the same amount of education and with that education they both went on to talk about and create very good economic theories about social issues in the United states and in the world today. Levitt and Bergmann go

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