Stonehenge Remains One of Our Greatest Mysteries Essay

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Stonehenge, a prehistoric stone circle, remains one of the world’s utmost mysterious and archaic structures. Built over 4,000 years ago in Salisbury Plain, scientists and theorists alike are still in the dark as to why Stonehenge was built. Popular belief is that it was used for religious purposes and that it was constructed by the Druids or even the Romans, but the theory was disproved when it was confirmed that the beginning of Stonehenge construction started at least 2000 years before the Celts came. I, on the other hand, believe that Stonehenge operated for scientific or astronomical reasons such as being used as an astronomical calendar and two centuries after being built it was utilized for its healing abilities. Over the course …show more content…

Now the monument at first was used for astrological reasons, but after two centuries the arrival of some special rocks formed the monument into the unique and unusual structure we see today. Timothy Darvill and Geoffrey Wainwright were the leading pair in an excavation of the inner circle of the Stonehenge, and what they discovered in 2006 shed some new light as to what Stonehenge was used for after the construction of the inner circle. Bluestones, the rocks that make up the inner circle, were the special rocks they found, and they came from a site called Carn Menyn in mountainous southwest Wales which is almost 140 miles away from Salisbury Plain. Many scientists still wonder how the ancient people transported the rocks to their cuurent location, but the fact they moved it so far means that it was for an important reason. The site Carn Menyn had altered “springheads” adorned with prehistoric art and Darvill and Wainwright said, “’You get springs that have funny things done to them in the Roman and Iron Age periods, but to see it done in the prehistoric period is rare, so we knew we were on to something,”’(Jones, “New Light on Stonehenge”). They could tell that since there was prehistoric art surrounding this site, it had to mean something special to the people that used it. The ancients believed that the bluestones at Carn Menyn had special powers so it made sense for them to make

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