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5 Stoner Style Basics to Have in Your Wardrobe Trying to incorporate your stoner lifestyle in your wardrobe today isn’t simple. There are a lot of fashion labels churning out marijuana inspired merchandise, so it’s easy for anyone to claim that they’re a bona fide pothead without even trying once. However, if you stick to the stoner style basics, you could weed yourself out from the 4/20 posers. Here are five things you should have in your wardrobe to instill your stoner authenticity: 1. Cannabis Snapbacks or Beanies One of the quickest ways to show the world that you’re a true blue stoner is what you wear on your head. Beanies or snapbacks designed with marijuana leaves, like this one in Get High, are easy to wear – and people get it just by the first glance. You might be mistaken for a poser for the first couple of days if cannabis is still a big fashion trend. However, …show more content…

People find it weird and uncomfortable staring at someone whose eyes look too red or too low and is laughing by herself/himself. To be able to blend well with normal society while high, you need to have a pair of sunglasses with you at all times. No one will ever know how baked you really are behind those shades. It’s also a stoner rookie mistake not to have sunglasses, so if you don’t have any, go out and get one. 3. Shirts with Weed Puns, Pictures of Weed, or Tie Dye Patterns Even if some people find it cheesy, you can’t skip out on wearing a shirt with a picture of your favorite leaf on it. Weed is awesome, and you know it, so there’s no shame in putting on your dankiest apparel when you’re about to go out. Shirts with stoner puns are also quite clever. They put a smile on anyone’s face, stoner or not. If you’re channeling your inner hippie, however, go for shirts with tie die patterns. The 60’s, after all, summed up the glory years of modern cannabis culture. 4. Hoodies or Colorful

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