Stoning Is A Form Of Execution

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As most people know, women have been victims of injustice for hundreds of years, but one form of torture stands out amongst them all in Pakistan. Stoning is a form of capital punishment where a group of people throw stones at a person until he or she dies, more often women than men. Because stoning is a lot slower than other forms of execution, it is considered a form of execution by torture. In other countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, stoning has been declared illegal, but it is still being practice extra judicially. In modern times, allegations of stoning are politically sensitive, as in the case of Iran, which describes such allegations as political propaganda. Stoning still happens today. There are 15 countries in which stoning is either practiced or authorized by law, even if it has never been practiced. In Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria (in one-third of the country 's states), Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen, stoning is a legal punishment. However, out of these countries, only in Iran, Pakistan and Somalia have stoning’s actually occurred and all instances in Pakistan have occurred outside the legal system. Stoning is used as a punishment for those who commit adultery. The husband has the honor to throw the first stone. Her children are also forced to participate. They are allowed to try and escape, but they are left at a disadvantage because they are buried to their chest, as opposed to men who are only buried

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