Stop Abusing Dogs!: Setting Up Consequences for Humans Essay

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There’s something special and fulfilling the heart. It’s not the point that I love dogs it’s the point that once I never did. I am with this issue and that every dog owners who abuse their dogs should face bad consequences. It so unfair and should use common sense to these dogs. Dog abusers in my opinion should be in jail or some type of penalties. Hundreds and thousands of dogs are being terribly abused for no good reasons! Why doesn’t every dog be treated equally? Why can’t people understand that they have feelings and heart like them? What do dogs have to do to show or tell you that abusing them really hurts them? Who or when will someone someday stand up for them? It’s not fair, it never was! If dogs could only talk they’d tell you. …show more content…

“Dogs are known to be ‘man’s best friend’ because of their boundless loyalty and willingness to protect their masters. We hear numerous stories of pooches that give their lives to save their owner without a second thought.” Dogs have feelings. That’s the sad part about them! To just be fair and show them all we got and never put them down. Then this world won’t even have Abuse as a word. If only we show kindness and tender then life won’t be harsh to anyone or any dog. That may need time but it’s always a good start to show and read the eyes and hearts of them. To fully understand that abusing is a waste of time and loss of life. It’ll take them forever to recover their abuse and maybe never. Dogs will be scared of their own shadow. But maybe their spirits will be broken and heal less. I never liked dogs but the fact that abusing is only surrounding those dogs then I took my time and understood them well. . Dogs may not understand right from wrong but that’s the reason they want you. Dogs are not naturally good and full of respect but their eyes read that’s what they want to be and why they chose you to help them. Dog’s life isn’t complicated but I can’t help but to make it all stop. I can’t sleep without knowing that they will be alright. How come I got that feeling and I never liked them. People won’t stand up for those dogs even if they witnessed them get killed.

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