Stop People From Texting While Driving

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The accident was usually caused by the negligence of the drivers. It only takes careless driver to cause an accident. Texting while driving as a significant risk factor for highway accidents. There are numerous traffic accidents in the world. As far as I’m concerned, there are numerous methods to stop them from texting while driving. This article will talk that the methods to stop people from texting while driving, and how to stop people fromtexting while driving. Different type of organizations, worker unions, business, and government are essential in promoting people should not text while driving. They should put up posters all around the highway advertising the importance of stop texting when you are driving. The business around the…show more content…
These videos can help people to concentrate on driving and not doing something else. A radio station is one of the instruments of a mass impression. Television and radio can become an important vehicle for spreading the idea of stop texting while driving. Different type of radio stations can spreading and promoting the idea of stop texting while driving. These things act as indirect pressure that results from doing swayed to stop text while driving. Users advance through the program by developing a new technology to stop people from texing while driving. Various types of car companies to promote this program to help drivers to stop text when driving. This program would be impossible without the aid of a computer. The program can operate automatically or manually operated. By the manually operated this program, programmer is able to turn off his/her friends or family member’s mobile phone and keep the mobile phone until parking by monitoring the engine switch. Aside from turning off mobile phone, someone like programmer or user is also able to help his/her customers, friends or family member tune the mobile phone into airplane mode and keep it until parking. On the other hand, user is able to install sensor in the car. When the car starts, the mobile phone automatically shuts down by a computer program; when parking, the phone automatically boots. Besides, in the field of view range,
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