Should People Keep Texting While Driving?

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Thirdly, driver text while they driving can cause the fluctuations of drivers’ emotion, which is unsafe. According to the, it also shows that around 4000 people dead each year because they text, and this behavior caused distractions, and about 450,000 people are injured. (no date) The content of the messages is very easy to spread to the driver's emotions, even more serious are some very urgent massages’ content, such as driver’s family member got injured or driver’s wife give a birth. Because of the content of massages, the drivers have no way to set their mind at rest while they driving. My mother told me that I should never keep texting massage or calling his phones to someone when he is driving, and she would never text to my father, if she knew my father was driving. Texting while people driving should be illegal, because it is very easy to distract drivers’ mind, and make them cannot focus on driving their cars. Some people think it is totally fine to text while they driving, because it saves people’s time. If people texted when they drive, so …show more content…

People text while they driving cannot save people’s time, but it delays people’s time. The state should introduce relevant policies to punish those people who text messages when driving people, and people should also know more information which relative why texting while people driving should be illegal, then they can improve their own safety awareness. Do not send text messages while driving not only to protect drivers’ lives, but also responsible for the safety of others. Texting messages is a popular trend while driving in today’s society, so every driver need to avoid texting when they are driving. Texting message while driving should be

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