Stopping Hunger In The United States

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Some citizens of the United States believe that we, as a country, should concern ourselves more with the well being of our own citizens first. That the United States citizens should be our first and top priority above anyone else around the globe. I argue otherwise, in that the well being and economies around the world are all equally important and if we are able to help other countries, we should. If the United States is able to help another country financially or economically, why would we not help? I believe that if we are giving to other countries, we will also receive from other countries as well, in our times of need. The United States is a portion of the world, and I think the first step to resolving conflicts with others is to be there for them, creating peace. The thought of not helping other countries when we are able to is immoral. The United States has already helped so many …show more content…

Some may argue that other nations will use us for our aid. If the United States of America is helping a nation defend themselves, why would they turn against us? Especially if we are the sole aid to that country. Why would they throw away all of our help? Also, I can see the perspective of helping ourselves before a person of a different country or origin. But what exactly is the difference between stopping hunger in America and stopping hunger in Africa? Both are hungry. Both are in need. So why not help? The people who are not in agreement of aiding other countries are too often caught up in the borders of our planet. We are all humans. There is no difference between protecting an American and protecting a Mexican. Some may argue that other countries do not aid us with our issues. Other countries do not have the ability to help, though. We do. Giving is not about what you get in return. Giving is about doing something that others would not be able to accomplish on their own, without expecting anything in

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