Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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Poems are defined as being a piece of writing in which words are chosen for their beauty and sound, and are carefully arranged. Through a poem, special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Poems that are considered as a form of literature are referred to as poetry. Different types of poems can have a range of effects on certain people. They use devices such as emotive words and symbolism to establish this connection. Through this, one may uncover feelings or memories from their past and realize the ‘deeper picture’ of certain topics i.e. life and its meaning. A well-written poem can connect with people’s ideas, express their feelings and remain memorable in their minds. I…show more content…
Frost really could be simply enjoying the lake while his horse is confused on the darkest night of the year. After looking at the surface analysis it seems fairly pointless if that is all what it means. The deeper analysis could be that Frost 's little horse demonstrates his emotions or conscience. So the horse thinking that things are strange or unusual may extend to what Frost is really thinking. He also seems to be in a dilemma, and isn’t sure what or how to feeling. This and is something which he knows he must find out. This was extracted from the line, “Between the woods and frozen lake”; the woods being one emotion, and the frozen lake being another. But once you read the last line in the stanza, “The darkest night of the year”, you realize that he is depressed. Again, on the shallow meaning of the third stanza is exactly what the poem says. When the horse shakes his harness bells, he thinks that they shouldn’t be stopped while they’re in the woods and at the same time frost is relaxing and enjoying the falling of snow. To no surprise there is another deeper analysis. The horse shaking his bells means that Frost still doesn’t know what is bothering him inside or how to resolve it: thus making him feel confused. The mistake resembles something that he did which upset him or made him feel guilty. From this point he notices that the only other sounds are of the wind and snow, and he realizes that he is all alone, not just currently in the woods,
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