Stopping the Practice of Female Genital Cutting Essay

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Female genital mutilation is a practice deeply enmeshed in the cultural beliefs of many Africans and select groups around the world. Also, just like any other culture, they will cling even more strongly to their ancient traditions when their beliefs are challenged by people from an outside culture. When someone from another country comes to a tribe to essentially tell them that one of their most basic traditions is wrong, problems usually ensue. This is mainly because, in an African’s point of view, the outsider does not understand the tribe’s beliefs and so has no valid privilege to tell the tribe what they should or should not do. In this way, even if there are a select few men and women that support the foreigner’s view, they run the …show more content…

Rogaia Abusharaf from the article “Unmasking Tradition” even states that “studies have shown that the more educated women are, the less willing they are to have their daughters circumcised.” Many women do not truly understand the immediate and lifelong health risks of the procedure and so participate in it, in a way, blindly. To them, cutting, in essence, results in marriage-eligibility. If a woman is not cut, they and their peers believe it to be a condemnation to poverty because men in these cultures will not marry an un-cut woman (Rosenberg). Females that have not undergone the procedure are also regarded as unclean and are consequentially avoided. In addition, many of the men and women are not educated about human rights so do not think of it as inhumane or negative in any way, it just is. In Tina Rosenberg's article, “Editorial Observer; Mutilating Africa's Daughters: Laws Unenforced, Practices Unchanged,” a spokeswoman for Womankind Kenya states that “many girls are so traumatized by the pain [of the procedure] that they never go back to school after they are circumcised,” which exacerbates the education gap even further. These girls that drop out of school and then later have their own children remain uneducated about the practice and so force it upon their own daughters thoughtlessly because it is just the way of their culture. Education itself is not specifically the answer, it is how the information is

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