Storytelling As A Form Of Storytelling

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Furthermore, storytelling becomes a form of physical and psychological torture that the characters try to escape. There are two perspectives that torture illustrates in the plays. Torture as a form of storytelling is sharing the stories, but also how stories are told. The Pillowman forms storytelling as torture when the Tupolski and Ariel interrogate Katurian to expose his identity through his stories. The push of storytelling as torture becomes a central focus when the use of language and words direct a physical and psychological control against the characters. Therefore, storytelling illustrates a form of brainwashing. In addition, Katurian uses storytelling to comfort for his brother Michal, but the stories are used against him when …show more content…

Katurian hurts himself pushing the concept that he is innocent, and all the stories are just coincidental. On the other hand, Antigone in New York illustrates that storytelling is torturous towards Anita and Sasha when they do not listen to one another. Anita tortures Sasha and Flea to find Paulie that she does not find him herself. Throughout the play, Anita has more concern for Paulie than anyone else; she recalls stories to help herself out of the lumps. However, by recalling stories about Paulie of how much she loves him, only tortures herself knowing she doesn’t know where he is. She hurts herself not knowing what will happen, not even wondering of any consequences that would arise. However, the more Antia talks about Paulie, she realizes her relationship with Paulie is not how she talks about him in the beginning. “They started beating him over the head with their clubs,” Anita reveals how storytelling is tortuous that she could have done something to help but during the moment, she is more concerned with herself. Thus, the act of storytelling becomes a torture when the characters ultimately hurt one another in the end. Needless to say, The Pillowman and Antigone in New York amplify storytelling as torture; the difference in plays illustrate a contrast between telling and performing the stories. The difference between the two establish a

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